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Armadillo Removal in Fish Hawk Ranch

Armadillos are fascinating creatures, but not when they're on your property! These scuttling, armor-plated mammals got here from Louisiana and Texas in 1920s, and they've been multiplying all over Florida ever since. For families and homeowners in Fish Hawk Ranch and Lithia they've become a growing nuisance. A single pair of nine-banded armadillos can have a litter of four same-sexed babies each year. If those four are female - well, the math tells you that one happy, burrowing couple will soon become a colony. It may be time for an armadillo removal service.

If you live in Fish Hawk Ranch or Lithia, you're proud of your home and property. If you've noticed a large hole near a gas line, by the driveway, or near the foundation that has a lot of dirt piled around it, it's likely the work of an armadillo. They are sloppy diggers, and they like to "live large," destroying ornamental plantings, lawns, and weakening concrete driveways and lanais as they go about their lives.

Armadillo Removal

Armadillos aren't particularly dangerous to humans. They don't have the communicable diseases or parasites that rodents do. They can't chase you down a street and bite you, and they're not attack-minded in any way. In fact, when they're surprised, they tend to jump up, which is why they're often killed by cars and trucks. It's the burrows that are the problem. Not only are they unsightly, but the holes present a risk of physical injury in you step in them. Abandoned armadillo burrows are often attractive to other species, too.

Armadillo Trapping

Getting rid of armadillos is tricky. Shooting or poisoning them is out of the question, since poisons can hurt pets, children, and other wildlife. Shooting, of course, is not an option in a neighborhood environment.

That leaves armadillo trapping as the only solution to your problem. Armadillo trapping is an art, and it's better if you have a professional do it. Placement of traps is very important, and so is having the right kind of bait.

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Nuisance Wildlife Removal of Florida has experienced, professional technicians who can assist you in getting rid of armadillos. We respond to calls immediately, and can quickly diagnose the problem, trap them safely and humanely, and remove them from your property.

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