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Rodent Removal in Fish Hawk

Rodents are a big concern in Florida, and the Fish Hawk and Lithia communities are no exception. Rodents come in all shapes and sizes, from mice, rats and moles to squirrels. What they all have in common is that they multiply. A female mouse, for instance, can have up to 10 litters per year. It's important to call for rodent trapping and rodent removal services as soon as you notice a problem.

How to Know if You Have a Rodent Problem

Rodents give homeowners many different signs that they've moved in for good. Mice and rats leave tiny droppings on counters and in cabinets. Trenches in the lawn signal the presence of mole tunnels. Scratching noises in the attic or nests in fruit trees can mean squirrels.

By far, rats and mice are the biggest rodent headaches for Fish Hawk and Lithia families. Their burrows and nests collect droppings, which are fertile breeding grounds for bacteria and parasites. Their bites can cause disease, and their constant chewing can cause significant to siding, eaves and wood structures. That's why rat and mouse removal are among the most popular services we provide as nuisance wildlife professionals.

Why Call a Rodent Removal Service?

Mouse trapping and rat trapping are are more effective when handled by a trained professional. When it comes to mice trapping solutions available at the store, many can be confusing and some involve dangerous chemicals. It's the same for consumer rat removal products. Rodent nests are often difficult to find, and if you miss one, the problem will return a few weeks or months later. Do-it-yourself methods for mice trapping can result in added expense down the line if they don't work. Throughout that time, the risk to your family and pets will only increase.

If you've noticed the telltale signs of rodent infestation, don't delay! Our experienced technicians are expert in rat removal and mouse removal techniques, and have the proper equipment to execute rat trapping and mouse trapping safely and humanely.

Lets us handle your rodent trapping problem for you. We'll answer your call immediately, diagnose the problem, then effectively trap and remove rodents from your home. Once that's accomplished, we can repair the places where rodents gain entry, and give you valuable tips on how to deter them from returning to your property.

Call us today for a free consultation and estimate. We'll soon have your rodent problem solved!