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Squirrel Removal In Fish Hawk

Squirrels are everywhere in Florida, perhaps the most commonly-seen rodent in the Fish Hawk Ranch and Lithia communities. Unlike many other species, they seek out human environments, mostly because there's ample food and shelter to be had. When the beautiful live oak trees in your neighborhood produce an unusual number of acorns in a given year, rest assured you will see a bumper crop of hungry squirrels soon!

Why Squirrel Removal Is Necessary

While squirrels can seem cute, furry and have many comical behaviors, they can also do a lot of damage. They like to nest in attics and soffits, and they will chew holes in siding to gain access to a warm, inside wall spaces. Droppings and urine collect in the nests, creating a nasty smell, and breeding bacteria, diseases and parasites. The wonderful fruit trees in the Fish Hawk and Lithia developments attract them in great numbers and, when squirrels find a place they like, they stay and reproduce. Like other rodents, squirrels gnaw constantly because their teeth are always growing. That's bad, especially if your home has structural wood.

It's Time for a Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Relocation Service

If you're fed up with nuisance squirrels, caching nuts in your attic or walls, don't try to attempt squirrel removal yourself. Squirrels are wild animals, and will scratch and bite when threatened. Handling their nests without proper equipment puts you at risk of disease. Squirrel trapping by homeowners is not advised, either. If you do it the wrong way, you can end up with dead squirrels decomposing in a wall or attic space you can't reach. If you or your family members are compassionate about wildlife, you'll probably put squirrel relocation at the top of your list. Again, it's better to call a professional rather than attempt to do it yourself.

Squirrel Removal in Fish Hawk and Lithia

Squirrel trapping and removal is one of the most in-demand services we provide to Fish Hawk and Lithia homeowners. After a consultation and estimate, we use humane squirrel trapping techniques to remove them. Squirrel relocation is also one of our specialties. Our technicians are trained in squirrel habits and behavior and can handle them safely. After squirrel trapping and squirrel relocation is complete, we'll give you tips on how to block their access to your home.

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