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Raccoon Removal in Fish Hawk

Raccoons are a common sight in Florida, rooting through trash cans for food. Florida raccoons are smaller than their northern cousins, but can weigh from 12-25 pounds when grown. Like most wildlife in the Fish Hawk and Lithia area, they thrive in a warm environment, seeking out thickly-settled developments as a ready source of food and shelter. Their black-masked faces and nimble paws are appealing, especially when they're babies, but t's always best to remember that they they are wild animals. Wildlife trapping services may be necessary.

When Do You Need Raccoon Trapping Services?

Most homeowners in the Fish Hawk and Lithia communities know to keep garbage cans in the garage until the morning of trash pickup. This habit really helps prevent raccoons and rodents from getting in and strewing trash everywhere. But what if your neighbor doesn't do that? What if the raccoons are persistent?

That's when you need a raccoon trapping and raccoon removal service, which most wildlife trapping companies provide. As soon as you notice a problem, it's time to make that call. Raccoons live from 5-8 years in the wild, and have up to seven pups per year. They like to nest in chimneys and attic spaces. They're good climbers, and you may hear them skittering along on your roof at night. They're capable of forcing their way in by enlarging small holes, and their nests are full of parasites and bacteria that can infect humans.

Raccoons are nocturnal, and won't seek out humans if you don't feed them. If you see a raccoon in the daytime, it's usually a sign that t's injured or sick with rabies, and you should call a raccoon removal expert right away. Rabies is rare in the Fish Hawk and Lithia, but it does occur in Florida, so never approach or handle a raccoon under any circumstances. They will protect themselves and their young with teeth and claws.

What's Involved in a Raccoon Trapping and Raccoon Removal?

Raccoon trapping is best done by a professional. Our wildlife trapping service can come immediately to your home in Fish Hawk or Lithia and see where and how the raccoons are getting into your property. Our wildlife trapping technicians are experts in raccoon habits and behavior, and can trap and remove them safely and humanely.

Give us a call, and get your free raccoon removal consultation and estimate today!